The Making of a Gravure DVD

The Making of a Gravure DVD

In the world of gravure, there are a wide variety of different mediums for idols and models to take part in. From photo books to event appearances, part of the industry’s most captivating aspect is how it allows fans to intimately connect with their favorite creators. Within all of these different outlets, however, none have as close of or as iconic a connection to gravure as DVDs do. Along with gravure model Fay Price, we were able to go behind the scenes of what goes into the making of these symbolic DVDs from start to finish.

What Goes Into a Gravure DVD?

Gravure DVDs are a staple of most gravure enthusiasts’ collections, showcasing models in a wide variety of aspects while being able to see them move and interact as they might in real life. Often times, these DVDs pick a specific theme or tell a specific narrative: for instance, a model might roleplay the role of your girlfriend, or scenes might highlight what going to the beach with your favorite star might be like. In the case of Fay, the production crew was working on an intimate beach getaway environment with the model, flying her out to Japan’s iconic Okinawa prefecture, known for its picturesque beaches and tropical setting.

When a theme is decided on, production begins, and just like any film is led by a director with a multitude of scenes planned. With this shoot, Fay would film a variety of scenes of her interacting with the viewer, from prancing and posing on the beach in provocative poses, getting wet in the ocean, and stretching out across the sand. But to lean into the intimate side of things, filming would also take place in Fay’s beach resort as if she was spending romantic time alone with the viewer.

In these scenes, suggestive actions might be done in more overtly sexual situations, such as bathing, playing on the bed, or sucking on particularly shaped foods. However, as with gravure as a whole, there’s usually never any nudity. These scenes are all put together to create a story for the viewer, with the model or idol at the forefront. In this DVD, the viewer is whisked away to paradise, to spend a beach vacation alone with Fay Prince.

A Look at Production

The project spanned three days, commencing each morning at 6 AM. Fay underwent meticulous preparations, including makeup sessions and outfit selections, which are often decided by the production staff but with input from Fay. Alongside Fay were a producer, a photographer, and a video director. Two skilled cameramen alternated between video and photography duties, maximizing the locations, poses, and outfits so that they weren’t restricted to just one medium.

Both the photographer and the director would guide Fay with precision, directing her through various poses and angles. The director in this case boasted 15 years of experience in gravure photography and guided Fay and the rest of the crew to take advantage of specific techniques and poses, like covering Fay in oil to create the appearance of glistening skin.

“With gravure models, it’s important to showcase the model’s most recognizable aspects.”, the director tells us. “For example, if a model is known for her large breasts, we’ll put her in a variety of outfits and situations that emphasize that. In Fay’s case, we’re choosing to highlight her long legs and sexy body”.

Communication is also incredibly important, as the director and photographer try to have Fay execute a specific vision, often matching the camera angles, lighting, and even smaller details like water or wind application. As each scene gets a huge amount of attention, filming and production can take days.

Make-up artists and crew members are also on hand to ensure appearances and other needs are met and addressed whenever necessary. Aside from the industry and ultimate end product, the entire process is very similar to the creation of a Hollywood film!

By the afternoon of the third day, the extensive shoot was completed, resulting in footage for an impressive 70-minute DVD featuring 9 different outfits. This isn’t the end of the project, however, as the long task of editing the film and producing the physical DVDs then begins. Covers of gravure DVDs are often seen as the focal points, so it’s important that the pictures taken during the shoot are selected carefully. Usually, these DVDs are released several weeks after filming is completed.

Marketing and Fan Engagement

With the nature of gravure being a delicate intimacy between fan and model, it’s important to drum up excitement for release and make it feel like fans are really connecting with their favorite idols. To celebrate this DVD's launch, Fay hosted a meet-and-greet event in Akihabara, meeting her fans live and giving them the opportunity to purchase the DVD, take photos with Fay in the featured outfits, and even acquire personalized, one-of-a-kind Polaroid photos. The event attracted not only devoted fans but also several media outlets, furthering attention and making sure that the news about the DVD’s release got out.

A Project of Passion

Just like what one might expect on set at a Hollywood production, the journey to create a gravure DVD and our first-hand view in Okinawa with Fay Prince offers a glimpse into the dedication, artistry, and respect that accompany the production of gravure content. It is an industry that thrives on capturing sensuality in its rawest form and creating a connection between the idols and their fans.

While gravure DVDs are often difficult to get ahold of outside of Japan, Gravure Kid has you covered. Fay Prince’s DVD is available on our online shop and can be shipped internationally, so you can see the result for yourself while starting your own gravure collection.

Want to see our behind-the-scenes look in its entirety? You can watch our exclusive documentary on YouTube below or by clicking here:



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